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Year Two

During the week commencing 14th November, we celebrated Anti - Bullying Week 2022. To kick start Anti - Bullying week, as a whole class we discussed; 


What is bullying? 

- 'Bullying is something that happens on and on and on' - Lily 

- 'That you are being mean to someone and it keeps going on everyday.' - Imogen 

- 'Being rude to someone every single time.' - Flossie 

- 'Bullying can happen in person or online.' Abby 

- 'Saying unkind words.' - Lucas 

- 'Makes people feel sad' - Faatimah 

- 'It hurts people's feeling' - Aanu 


We also looked at why people might bully others. 

- 'Because we look different.' - Abby 

- 'Bullies think is it funny.' - Ivy 

- 'Bullies might be jealous.' - Thomas 

- 'Don't agree with you.' - Aanu 

- 'Showing off.' - Ethan 


We also learnt that its never OK to bully people because they are different. To celebrate Anti - Bullying week, we wore and designed odd socks as a way of showing that it's OK to be different!