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Chester Zoo 2023

On Thursday 9th February, Year 2 went on a Science trip to Chester Zoo, to help broaden our knowledge about 'Living Things and their Habitat.' 

When we arrived at the Zoo, we first saw the Asian Elephants. 

Prior to our trip, we learnt that Elephants have different adaptations to us. At Chester Zoo we got to use our senses to imagine what live would be like as an Elephant. 

When we arrived we also saw the Monkeys 

After seeing the Elephants and Monkeys, we bravely went to see the Lions! 

We then had a lunch break before continuing our trip around the zoo. 


As part of our trip to the zoo, we took part in a workshop led by the zookeepers. They first quizzed us based on the science knowledge that we have gained in school. The zookeeper then showed us different animals and we had a identify whether they were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We all did really good at this. 


'Our workshop was led by Kieran, he first told us that all animals need water, food, air and shelter in order to survive.' 



We then had a look at the sea animals and their habitat. 

We also looked at Sloths.


'Did you know sloths only poo once a week and we got to see them poo.' - Abby 

Kieran then gave us some pictures and we had to work in a team to create a food chain. 

Kieran then showed us show artefacts. 

We then got the chance to hold and feel the animals skulls 

During our workshop, we also learnt about the layers of the rainforest. 

We even got the chance to see the apes and have a look at their skull and feet.

We also looked at a pythons skin and got to hold it

Here are all the different animals that we saw! 

We also watched the penguins


Still image for this video

Butterfly Journey 

During our science lesson we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. By walking through the butterfly journey we got to see the life cycle in real life. We made our journey through hundreds of exotic plants and saw different types of butterflies fluttering all around! each a different colour, pattern, size or shape. 

We all enjoyed our Science trip to Chester Zoo!!

After our busy trip, as soon as we got onto the coach we were all very tired!