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Real Life

During this term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. Year 2 were very fortunate to have received a visit from the History man, to help us further expand our knowledge on the event that occurred during the 1666.

We learnt about what the houses and roofs were made from and had a look at an example. 

We then got showed how a small spark in a bakery’s oven was the caused of the fire. 

‘The fire spread quickly because of the wind.’ - Max 

‘Around 13,000 houses were burnt down.’ - Holly 


The history man showed us how the wind causes the fire to spread so quickly. 

‘Me and Max got to dress up as a person from 1666.’ - Maryam

’We got to hold an axe and a grappling hook and rope.’ - Max



We also had the opportunity to explore and handle artefacts from 1666.

As a class we then took part in various workshops. 

‘We explored toys from 1666.’ - Aisha

‘We looked at artefacts from 1666 and thought about what materials they are made from’ - Holly

‘We played a Great Fire of London board game.’ - Isaac

‘We had to use water balls to top the fire in a house.’ - Harry

‘We made a thatched roof whilst working as a team.’ - Yahya