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Year 2

'They look after them' - Phoebe

'People play with their pets' - Lilly

'You give them a bath' - Ethan 

'If they are not feeling well, take them to the vets' - Aanu 

'By playing fetch with them and other dog games' - Alfie 

'Someone might buy dog clothes and dress their dog up' - Ivy 

'By loving them' - Faatimah 


'This weeks picture news links to the British Value Democracy, as we all have the right to share what we think and things and people we care about.' Pippa 


'This weeks picture news links to our school value, kindness, compassion, love as we should be kind to all living things and fulfil their basic needs.' Aanu 

W/B: 20th June 2022


This weeks picture news was based on how we can make sure that everyone is included. 


'Recently, Google has said they are going to be introducing a skin tone scale called Monk Skin Tone.' - Holly


'This scale is to celebrate and respect different coloured skin.' - Zainab 


'The Skin Tone Scale was 10 different skin colours.' - Isaac



We then discussed about 'What makes us unique and different?' 


- 'We all have a different skin tone.' - Holly 


- 'The way we speak.' - Evie


- 'We all have different talents.' - Aleena


- 'We all have different likes and dislikes.' - Ameerah 


- 'The way we dress.' - Zainab 

As a class, we then discussed how we can include everyone.