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Year 5

We had the opportunity to dress up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.

we had characters from the books; The Midnight Gang, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz and many more.

To start our World Book Day activities, as a class we discussed what it meant to “recommend books to our peers”.

We knew that if we enjoy a book, we can tell someone why we think they should read it and explain why we enjoyed reading it.

To celebrate World Book Day and the love we have for reading, we have now created our own Year 5 Book Recommendations. 
We all picked one book to recommend to start with and we will continue adding to this in Year 5. 

We then took part in a World Book Day quiz. We worked in small groups answering multiple choice questions. The questions were based on different books we may or may not have read. Some we knew already as we had read the book but others we researched to find the answers. 
After we had completed the World Book Day quiz, we then created our own. We could either do a quiz of our own or a quiz as a team. We also had the choice of creating a quiz based on one book or creating a quiz with a mixture like the original quiz we completed.. 

Continuing celebrating what our favourite books are, we then looked at our favourite characters from different books we have read. 
To show this, we drew these characters on bunting which we will display in our reading area in our classroom. 


To finish off our World Book Day celebrations we had a go at a new activity - Remixed Rainbow Writing. This including us using lots of different books. We read through books and took out 1 or 2 sentences, we wrote those sentences in one colour. Then we looked at another book, stole a sentence from there and wrote in another colour. This built up a new short story, in different colours creating our rainbow. 
We had to make sure our sentences flowed slightly and we had to try and include some speech in there. We created some fantastic and funny short stories that we shared together. 

Here are some of our ideas.