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History Man Workshop 21/11/22

Monday 21st November, we were lucky enough to have a workshop with a historian, all about our Ancient Egyptian topic. 
First of all, we worked in class and learned all about the River Nile and how the Egyptians used to allow their land to get flooded. They did this on purpose! Egypt got no rainfall so they needed to use the Nile getting deeper to their advantage to help with their crops. 
We then worked at different stations in the hall, before looking at artefacts in class. 

The stations we worked at consisted of:

  • Working on the Nile and seeing how the flooding helped the crops grow
  • Looking at more artefacts and what they were used for within Ancient Egyptian times
  • Playing Ancient Egyptian games 
  • Grinding crops to make flour
  • Creating a clay scarab beetle and imprinting hieroglyphics 

Some of the artefacts included an example of a plough being pulled by cows (this is what the Egyptian’s used to use), tools they created, jewellery they had made and pottery.