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Year Five

To start our Children’s Mental Health Week’s work, we looked at the word surrounded the theme of the week - Connection. 

We discussed as a class how connection was lost during the pandemic. We chatted about how our connection with each other at school was taken away from us, how our connection with our hobbies was lost due to things closing and why it is so important to now make sure we stay connected to help our mental health. 

We looked at different ways we can connect and who we had already connected with today and how. 

“Connecting means to communicate with someone” - Ricky

”You can go to houses and visit” - Harrison

”You can text someone to connect with them” - Emily 

“It can be face to face connection or phone call or FaceTime” - Oliver


”We’ve communicated with our class as we’ve come into school today” - Evie

”I’ve text my friends this morning” - Silas

”Said prayers this morning so we have connected to God” - HBM

”I’ve connected with myself by playing my drums” - Peace

To then show our connection in our own lives and each other we created a paper chain. On each link we drew pictures or wrote words about things we cared about and that we had a connection with.

Our paperchain now hanging proudly in our reading corner

We then read the poem Together by Matt Goodman. We created our own version of a poem to show togetherness and connection. 

Here are some of our own poems: