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Art Vision Statement


At Fulwood St. Peter’s we intend art to allow all pupils to express their inner artist.

Beginning in EYFS, pupils develop confidence to work collaboratively in teams to critique the work of others with the aim of improving the overall work. Our extensive grounds pose inspiration for real-life experiences with nature allowing pupils to observe and replicate patterns, textures and colours within their creations. Each child has the ability to approach the study of an artist from their own perspective, taking inspiration and insight from the real life original artwork and independently conceiving their own piece to be proud of. Our art curriculum has been developed so that there is a freedom to choose method and materials for all pupils in each learning opportunity. It is also planned so that pupils can broaden and deepen their exposure to a variety of artistic styles from various periods of history.




Y2 decided which Paul Klee artwork they would like to recreate using different mediums to add colour.

Y4 deciding which landscape image to be inspired by and which medium to use to add colour


Y4 Learning how to create perspective using vanishing lines


Y2 we have created our very own Mondrian piece of art, using different lengths of rectangles and primary colours.

Y2 have also created colour wheels using primary and secondary colours.

Y4 Researching and presenting ideas on Gormley

Leading Teams
Real Life

Y4 Recreated patterns from natural world