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Learning in Art

Art Progression from EYFS to UKS2

Art Vision Statement


At Fulwood St. Peter’s we intend art to allow all pupils to express their inner artist.

Beginning in EYFS, pupils develop confidence to work collaboratively in teams to critique the work of others with the aim of improving the overall work. Our extensive grounds pose inspiration for real-life experiences with nature allowing pupils to observe and replicate patterns, textures and colours within their creations. Each child has the ability to approach the study of an artist from their own perspective, taking inspiration and insight from the real life original artwork and independently conceiving their own piece to be proud of. Our art curriculum has been developed so that there is a freedom to choose method and materials for all pupils in each learning opportunity. It is also planned so that pupils can broaden and deepen their exposure to a variety of artistic styles from various periods of history.



Previous Art Curriculum up to July 2023

Learning through Nature Links

Examples of Implementation 

Art Club 


We hold a weekly art club for KS2. In this club the children are exposed to new skills and knowledge that they have not been exposed to in the curriculum. We are working towards submitting our work to the National Portrait Competition. 

Photography Competition  

Each year we hold a photography competition which is open to all age groups. There is always a theme to engage with. Click the link above to take you to our previous competitions. 

This year’s exhibition focused on the progression of skills which are taught to children across each key stage. 

In each class an artist was studied and their work and style taken as an inspiration for children’s own work. These artists are in addition to our curriculum. 

Nursery - Yayoi Kasumu 

Reception - Bridget Riley 

Year 1 - Vincent Van Gogh 

Year 2 - Georgia O’Keefe 

Year 3 - Zaha Hadid 

Year 4 - Diane Komoter 

Year 5 - Jean-Michel Basquaint 

Year 6 - Roy Litchenstein 

Exhibition 2022 


This year we focused our work on different artists and their styles. Each class saw the work and families even visited too. 


Nursery - I liked the stick man because I like the way it was made.  The people made from fruit because I like the different kinds of fruit. I liked the football players because I like football. I liked the fruit pictures because it was colourful.

Reception pupil - There are lots of pictures in the hall. I have never been to an art exhibition before. It was really good.


Reception pupil – My favourite picture was the fruit ones because they looked funny and have lots of colours.


Reception pupil – My favourite one was the stone sculptures that nursery made. I like the shapes.


Reception pupil – I saw Captain Tom. They stuck things on to make the picture and it looked like Captain Tom.

Year 1 pupil - I enjoyed looking at the Barbra Hepworth sculpture because of the 3D shapes. I like the rounded shapes. She makes holes in her sculptures. 


Year 1 pupil - I really enjoyed looking at Miro's work because it doesn't have normal shapes and his work is bright and colourful. Also it's interesting to look at. 

Year 3 Pupil- We looked at Antony Gormley's sculptures and compared them to the real human body.


Year 3 Pupil- We compared the 'form' of each sculpture and measured our hands and feet to check they were the correct size compared to each other. 


Year 3 Pupil- We used tissue paper to create the right shape muscles and then tinfoil to represent the skin. 

Year 4 pupil - I was inspired by the Year 2 work on Andy Goldsworthy and how they used natural resources instead of using things you'd normally see like paint. 


Year 4 pupil - I really enjoyed the work in Year 4 because I thought it was interesting how a vegetable could be turned into a person. It's quite clever. 

Year 6 pupil - I enjoyed the collage work because I was able to try a different art skill. I really enjoy art. I tried to graduate the colours using different shades of paper to go form light to dark. When I did my collage I focused on making the person look realistic.

Year 6 Pupil - I really enjoyed doing the collage because it let me stay calm and focus on a big task. I also liked creating a piece of work on a person who is inspirational to me. I learnt to do a collage it takes a lot of focus and you need to right size pieces of paper for it to look effective. 

Nursery - Barbara Hepworth

Reception - Pablo Picasso

Year 1 - Joan Miro

Year 2 - Andy Goldsworthy

Year 3 - Antony Gormley

Year 4 - Giuseppe Archimboldo

Year 5 - Frida Kahlo

Year 6 - inspirational people in collage