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Solar Panels

We are going to get solar panels on the roof of the school. (AW)


The solar panels are good for the environment, because they use the energy of the sunshine to make electricity. (DR)


Today was a very sunny day, and we looked at pictures of the solar panels and watched Maddies bits to see how they work. (WE)


Our teacher showed us how solar panels help the environment and then we made an oven to cook crisps with cheese on using the sunshine. (Ev)


look at the pictures to see more.

The solar panels have been put on the roof and we have a big glass panel in our corridor for everyone to look at.

We might have these at home, because we will be able to save money and be kind to the environment. (MP)


Having solar panels is good for the environment and that is important, because global warming is hurting our world.(FD)

I enjoyed learning about how they work. I am glad we are looking after the world.