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Class Queen Activities

Celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II

We have been looking at various times the Queen has addressed the nation and how she always tried her best. We have been thinking about ways that we can try our best and support others.


Dear God, 

Thank you for the life of the Queen,

For her love and service,

Help us to love and serve too,


Year 1


Year 1 have been talking about the Queen and how she helped others. The children then wrote about how they can help others.

A Prayer for Queen by Year 1


Dear God,


Thank you for Queen Elizabeth II. She was the best. Please keep her safe with you in heaven with you. We love her lots.




Year 3

Year 3 have been looking at ways in which we can remember Her Majesty The Queen and all of the things she has done for us. Children created their own version of the £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes and added on one thing which they will remember Queen Elizabeth for.


We then ‘lit’ our candles and said a short prayer for the royal family.

Year 5

To begin our work around the life of Queen Elizabeth II, some of us wrote advice for the new King as we discussed how he would be feeling very sad about losing his mum but also worried about becoming King. Some of us also wrote prayers, thanking God for the reign we were lucky enough to experience of Queen Elizabeth. 
After this, we then looked at the service the Queen did for the world. As a class, we wrote down the jobs the Queen did throughout her life. This included being the head of the Commonwealth, visiting different countries, appearing on TV, meeting Prime Ministers, hosting events for charities, knighting people and many more. 
We then picked one of these jobs she did to show as an illustration.

Year 6 

The Year 6 children have been thinking about reflecting on the sad news of Queen Elizabeth's passing. 

We gave been talking about how she has served the country for a huge amount of her life and what she has done for this country. 

The children chose a particular task to respond to her passing. 

Forest School

After the death of Her Majesty The Queen, We have been thinking about all the things that she enjoyed. The children have framed different scenes in the forest school area which they thought should be protected in her memory.

"We are framing things that we think should be protected because The Queen enjoyed them."

"We should protect the environment from pollution and climate change so I framed the sky."

"I framed the sky because it looked beautiful with the sun shining."

"In this frame there is a fungus. They need protecting because they connect the trees together to share nutrients."

"I put flowers in my frame. It is important to protect them because the bees need the nectar."

"The bees collect pollen as well and they go to a different flower. The pollen mixes on the flower to make new seeds."

"Children should learn about the environment because they are the ones who can grow up to protect it."