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Year Three

The History of the Coronation

In Year 3 we have been looking at King Charles III and his life prior to being king. We have added the coronation of King a Charles onto our class timeline along with all of the other coronations for the past 200 years! We have investigated the reason for some of our timeline events being overlapping.


”some of the events on the timeline happened in the same year, these are concurrent events because they are happening at the same time.”


”The king has had lots of different jobs and he is now 73. He is courageous because he is starting a brand new job when most people his age will be retired.”

Picture News

How do you choose to celebrate significant events?
”I play party games and my mum buys prizes.”

”we decorate the house.”

”we go to a restaurant or bowling.”

”We bake or set of fireworks.”


This weeks protected characteristic is ‘Religion and Belief’ because the coronation is a British event and the King is Christian, but he is inviting everyone from all religions and beliefs to join in the celebration. 
The King also has to have faith because he is still learning and doesn’t know what to do yet.

The British Value this week is ‘Mutual Respect and Tolerance’ because the King is showing respect to everyone by inviting them. We should also show respect and join the celebrations. 

Mr Riding's visit to see King Charles III

We have been lucky enough to have Mr Riding come into school and share his experience of going to the coronation. He spoke to us about all of the charity work he has done in the past and continues to do and shared his invite to the coronation with us. He told us about his long day at the coronation and all of the famous people he was sat near and able to talk to. We found this very exciting!

We were able to ask questions about the day, linking to the British Values.