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Year Six

To celebrate the Coronation, Year 6 have looked at the life of King Charles and the kings who came before him. 

We discussed what would happen on the day and where the events would take place. We talked about the difference in coverage between coronations of the past and looked at pictures and paintings of previous monarchs. 

We calculated the years the they had spent on the thrown too. 


Today we listened to one our school governors , Mr. Riding, to talk about his recent visit to Westminster Abbey to attend the King’s Coronation.

Mr Riding is part of The Round Table Charity Organisation who organise a range of local events around Leyland and Preston. Graham obtained a BEM for his services to the local community and his dedication to helping others. 
Mr Riding has attended a range of Royal events and has even had dinner in Buckingham Palace!
He was invited to attend the recent Coronation to see the crowning of King Charles.