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Healthy Schools Olympic Athlete Visit

We had a fun afternoon in February. We met a Sports Champion, who spent the afternoon talking to our school about her training regime and all the hard work she needs to put into her training. She was very dedicated. She showed us photographs of people who inspired her and this was good as she asked us who inspired us as well.

Just before Christmas we watched a video about the Sports Champions and how we as a school can help the athletes dreams come true. We were given sponsor ship forms and over the Christmas break we collected sponsors. We were only allowed to ask our family as it would be dangerous to speak to strangers. We then brought our sponsor money into school. Our athlete was called Naomi and she was a triple jumper. All money raised in school was split between school and our athlete. It was great for school because we were given 60% of all the money raised. Our school as £700.98!! 

Over the coming few weeks the School Council are going to look at ideas for spending our money. We are already collecting ideas from our class friends. 

Hello from Key Stage One, this is our power point about our visitor. We hope you enjoy it! 

Our Day with Naomi Ogbeta.

Today we spent time deciding what we wanted to spend the money we had raised through our sponsorship of Naomi on. In our classes the School Council asked us all to think about what we would like. We decided it had to be used to keep us healthy as that would please Naomi. We had a big discussion and wrote our ideas down on big pieces of paper. Our class wanted to divide the money between every class and allow them to choose outside play equipment. 


Newsflash from the School Council!!!

Today we met as the School Council, we listened to all our representatives and we discussed Naomi's visit and her wishes that we kept ourselves fit and healthy, whilst having fun. Some classes wanted more small toys for playtimes, but our Year 6 children reminded us that we had already ordered those. We talked about what would be fun and so we listened to our friends in infants and they wanted a bouncy castle day. We asked the PE teacher if this was healthy and she said, that we could get an obstacle castle and then that would mean we had to be fit to use it. SO GUESS WHAT? The School Council have decided to work with the PE teacher and sort this out. We are hoping that this will be fun and that Naomi would be pleased.

Views from our friends in class.

"WOW! that sounds exciting!"   Year 3

"I hope we get lots of turns with our friends" Year 1

"Can it be a competition?" Year 6

"When do we do it? How long will we get?" Year 5

"I'm excited and can't wait." Year 4

"The children are really excited; Reception teacher said.


We are having the bouncy castle obstacle course as part of our sporting week. We have one with climbing ropes, slides and obstacles and one that you need to run up and then slide down. This is in July. 





Today we had our obstacle day with the money we raised when our Olympic Athlete Naomi visited us. We had a great time. Each class came out for an hour and our parents were invited to watch us. We first did a warm up and I was tired after that. (Year 2)


I have had a brilliant time today on the obstacle course. I was tired after the warm up and then I had to use lots of muscles to climb up the castle to reach the slide. Our teachers timed us and our parents clapped and waved. (Year 3)


Today I realised how hard Naomi must work to keep fit. We did a mini circuit with her on her visit and then today I have had to use muscles and speed to climb up the castle and work away around the cargo net. It was great fun and I loved the fact I was keeping fit and still having fun. (Year 4)


I got to the top of the castle after trying three times, I was so happy and my friends all clapped. (Year 1)


I got stuck climbing and my teacher came and helped me. I loved going down the slide and so the next time I did it on my own. (Reception)


I think today was great. I also think even if your not really good at sport you can still be healthy and have some fun. Today I was good at sport and I really enjoyed it. ( Year 5)

Some pictures of our additional sports day.

Take a look at our power point to see how things have changed since our visit from Naomi. Take a look at the fun activities and the amount of new clubs that we can go to.

Healthy Schools -Welcome to Fitness is Fun!!

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