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Year One



What is the Coronation?


'King gets his crown'

'When someone in the Royal family gets crowned'

'The king is going to get crowned'

'He is the new king'

'The queen was his mum'

'It's about the King'

'Because it is really special'

'So we know that we have a new King'

'We are having a party'


We explored the power point about the coronation. We then looked at the life of King Charles and placed them in order on a time line.






Mr Riding came in to share we us about being at the Coronation. He showed us pictures of the letters and invitations he received. 


Mr Riding showed us his British Empire medal. We all got to hold it. 

Mr Riding showed us pictures of him at the Coronation. He showed us pictures of King Charles. He was sat opposite Ant and Dec! 

We asked Mr Riding lots of questions such as 


'Was King Charles happy to see you?'

'What did the singers sing?'

'How long did it take you to get to the Coronation?'