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9th January 2023

Which glue would you recommend to Ineda Bond and why?

"I would recommend glue A because it is more sticky than the others."

I would recommend glue A because it scored the highest in all categories."


"I learned that we can test things in different ways."


" If we did the investigation again, we should all test the glues in exactly the same way."

16th January 2023

“The best cup means something different to different people. Some people might like their cup to keep it hot.”

”Some people will want a cup that is easy to hold.”

”When you get a cup, you need to be able to make a cup that is the right size to make a drink.”

“It has to be the right material for the drink.”

“Metal conducts heat so it is a conductor. It would not be a good material for a tea cup.”


”Polystyrene was the best insulator because it kept the water the hottest.”

”The polystyrene cup was the best insulator because it had the smallest temperature difference.”



23rd January 2023

“Last week, we tested which material was the best insulator. This week we are finding out which shape cup cools the tea quickest.”

”We need to test which cup is the best for customer number two.”

“The water looses some heat when the steam leaves the cup. It evaporates.”

”The heat energy is going from the water to the cup and it is lost.”

”I think that the teapot shaped cup lost the most heat because its material is thinker so the heat travels faster through.”

”I didn’t think it would cool it quickest because it’s thicker.”

30th January 2023

“When you drop the weight from 10cm, the cling film doesn’t break.”

”When we used a 50g weight, it didn’t do as much damage as the 100g or 200g weight. This is what I predicted.”

”The catering cling film was the strongest, then the foil, then the branded cling film was the weakest.”

7th March

I think Colgate will be the best because I use it at home. it smells and tastes good.

I think Aquafresh will be the best because it’s the cheapest. More expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better.


 Oral BColgateAquafresh
Most effective132
Best smell132
Easiest to use132
Looks best223

Expensive definitely doesn’t mean better. Oral B came last.

The Oral B toothpaste smells like the dentist and lots of people I know don’t like the dentist. That might be why.

This investigation was a comparative and fair test type of enquiry.

21st March 2023

What kind of exercises could people do?

”They could go for a run.”

”They could use tins of beans as weights.”

”If it is cold outside you could go up and down stairs or on a step.”

“If you haven’t got a ball, you could use socks to make a ball.”

”you could sit and use leg lifts or scissors with your legs.”


”Your heart rate is when your heart pumps.”

”When you exercise, it gets faster.”

”Faster because the heart needs more blood to your muscles so they have oxygen.”

28th March 2023

“We could make the pins bigger or use bolder colours.”

”We could change the rules of the game. It could be blindfolded bowling so that no one can see and your team have to tell you where to roll the ball.”

”You could change the game so that everyone can take part.”