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Year 6

This week's Picture News focusses on striking at Royal Mail. 

In Year 6 we have discussed what this words mean and the impact it could have on your job, income and reputation. 

The Year 6 children worked through the PPT and the expressed their own opinions on striking action. 

We held a class vote to determine which children would strike and their reasons why. We also discussed reasons as to why people would continue attending work. 

Some children shared their views. These include:

"A strike is similar to a protest." 

"It would be great if people could talk about this and come to an agreement."

The Pictures News this week was based around hairstyles. 

The Year 6 children enjoyed discussing whether or not certain hair styles should be allowed in school as well as the importance of diversity and equality. 


This week’s Picture News is looking at renewable energy and the invention of a flat-pack wind turbine. 
In Year 6 we have discussed the meaning of renewable energy and how this may be of help to the people in Kenya (where the wind turbines are being used). 


“The people in Africa will need renewable energy sources that can be used even if the normal power is destroyed by a natural disaster.” 
“The new wind turbine is flat-packed so that it can be sent in the post and built anywhere by anyone.”

”There is a bigger push on renewable energy sources because of global warming. If we don’t start using renewable sources of energy, the planet will get too hot.”