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Year 3 & 4

We worked our way through the lesson slideshow and answered the three important questions relating to the Big Ambition.

We then discussed what the 7 main areas were that children cared about and shared our thoughts on them. We even thought of an area that we individually felt passionate about too. 

These were Year 4’s results for the Big Ambition surgery - we all voted for which we believed and the majority was put down.

Year 5

In year 5 we learnt about the names of the political parties. We researched who our local MP was and read so information about his previous posts in parliament. We learnt about the British Value of democracy through understanding the general election and how we all get our say. We saw pictures of the House of Ommons and recognised it from the news.

We reflected on our own lives to explain what services (health, education, community) we were satisfied with and which we felt could be improved. 

We imagined we were an MP and wrote a short manifesto for our priorities.