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Who's Who


Teaching Staff

Mr Merritt


Mr Marr

Year 6 Teacher  

Mr Allen

Deputy Headteacher

Year 5 Teacher  

Mrs Hall

Year 4 Teachers

Miss Smith

Year 3 Teacher 

Mrs Parkinson (and Mrs Duckworth)

Assistant Head and SENCo

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Bennett

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs McBride

Reception Teacher

Mrs Tate

Nursery Teacher





Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Anderson

Teaching Assistant / HLTA Reception Class

Miss Peckett Teaching Assistant Nursery Class

Mr Tranter

Teaching Assistant / HLTA Year 1

Mrs Vali

Teaching Assistant Year 1

Mrs Hoyle

Teaching Assistant / HLTA Year 2

Mrs Pool



Teaching Assistant Years 3 and 4



Mr Parkinson

Teaching Assistant / HLTA KS2 Reading

Mrs Malcolm

Teaching Assistant KS2 Maths








Office Staff

Mrs Peacock

School Administrator

Mrs Smith

Administrative Assistant



Catering / Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Wilson

Catering Manager

Mrs Vali

Catering Assistant

Mrs Hindle

Catering Assistant

Mrs Saunderson

Catering Assistant

Mrs Bridglal

Midday Assistant