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Year four and Year Three

Year 3 and 4 have been working together to complete a series of orienteering tasks. They have to complete a variety of exercises at each station. 

We researched what happens to our donation money. 

We found out that it goes to support children with disabilities, families in poverty and children with life-limiting illness plus many other families too. 

We discussed the things that make us fortunate and shared thanks for our privileges. We discussed how we could help others too; 

  • raising money 
  • supporting food banks 
  • recycling our clothes in to clothing libraries 
  • having youth clubs run by churches and other charities 


“I think it’s important to support children so they can grow into healthy adults,” - Ricky.


“Young people need to be shown how to live happy lives and have lots of chances to do things like play sport and learn instruments and be with their friends,” - Aydan. 

Now we know lots of ways that Children in Need support families and children in the UK.