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History Vision Statement


Our history curriculum is designed to create and develop a sense of awe and wonder and promote the question ‘why?’  The children will be provided with the tools to research and find out answers to their own questions which will give them a deep understanding of the period they are learning about and how it fits in/overlaps with others.


 From Nursery to the end of KS2 we want to inspire children to have a solid understanding of chronology where they know how everything fits into the historical past and how it is linked to the present and the future. This will be enhanced by the use of our class and whole school timelines which reflect their current learning, deepen pupils’ awareness of periods previously studied and challenge children to ask questions and go further.  We believe high quality history lessons encourage critical and independent thinking; enhance the ability to weigh evidence and generate arguments through debates and drama. They will often be given choices on how to present their findings to peers and adults which will draw on skills from other areas of the curriculum. Teachers will provide opportunities for the children to put history into real-life that is applicable to today using the museum loans, artefacts, visitors and where possible trips.  


The children in Nursery bought in their pictures in from home.  They talked about how they had changed from being a baby to now.


Year 6 are developing their knowledge of chronology, we are investigating where local history fits into the timeline of eras in Britain. Children continue to research about the Preston Guild both at home and in school and they have chosen how to present this. Children have researched what remains the same about the Guild in the 21st century and what has changed over time. 


Year 1 - Space


We learnt about Neil Armstrong and then put the events of his life in order onto a time line.


Y1 - We wrote a post card or letter to a family member as if we were Neil Armstrong. We recounted the events of the moon landings.

Y2 sequence the story of the Great Fire of London in order.

Y2 learnt about why the fire spread so quickly and why it stayed alight for so long.

Y4 Being a history detective to observe sources for information about Ancient Greek life

Leading Teams

Y4 Having a role to complete a task

Real Life

Y2 Investigated how seaside costumes and bucket and spade has changed throughout the year.

Y2 Investigated how the cameras looked during the Victorian Times

Y2 Investigated how postcards of Blackpool has changed over the years.

Y2 have been learning about how London has changed since 1666. We looked at how houses, building, jobs and types of travel have changed over the years.

Y4 Accessing artefacts to build our picture of the past