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Year Five

Mini Medics - 29.6.22

Today we learnt all about how to do basic first aid on a person. This constructed of the recovery position and also CPR.

Before starting, we looked at what we should find in a first aid bag/box. We were familiar with this as it is what is in our school first aid kits.

Firstly, we listened to Sian talk about what we needed to do if we saw someone injured on the floor.

We first need to look for danger and then check on them by seeing if they responded to our calls. We do this before we check their breathing - NB


We then worked in pairs to put our partner into the recovery position. 
We need to remember to put their hand, their arm and their knee into the correct position before rolling them on to their side - LC


After this, we then moved onto CPR. Sian explained that this is only used when the injured person is not breathing. She discussed how CPR is us acting as the heart so that blood is still being pumped around the body. Because of this, she showed us that the compressions we do need to be deep so that they reach the heart.

We first tried CPR on our own smaller mannequins before having a go on a bigger one.

We need to make sure our hands go onto the centre of the chest - DP

We interlock our fingers around our hand so that we can put force behind it - NS

On the bigger mannequin, we knew our compressions were deep enough because we could it click - CL

Heartbeat - What’s under my skin? - 22/6/22

Sian from heartbeat came in to school to work with us looking at our bodies and our organs. We worked our way through an information booklet and completed this with her. We looked at our different organs and what their job was in our body.

In particular, we looked at our heart. We studied the different valves and chambers and how we can feel the beating by taking our pulse. We found our pulse on our wrist or our neck and we counted how many beats per minute our heart rate was during rest and then what it was after some exercise.