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We held an internet safety day. We looked at different ways of keeping safe online. Our teachers showed us video clips and we had to talk about who was right. (Y2)


We looked at scenarios and talked about who was making a wise and safe decision and who was making a silly and not safe decision. (OC)


We then created posters and power points to share with our friends who are younger. We presented to our own class. (EG) This is part of our school drivers. 


Here are examples of some of the work we completed there is more work on our internet safety link on the school website. We hope you enjoy (LS)


Internet Safety Day February 2022 | Fulwood, St Peter's Church of England Primary School (

Online safety examples of work

I learned that people may not be who they say they are and  to be careful when setting up a profile. (TS)


Today I learned that I am too young to have WhatsApp and that online avatars, people can make things up (BS)


Today Webster made a friend online and that was not safe, because he tried to be older than he was. He even told them about his real life, this was silly. He learned to tell his Dad and then it was sorted and he was safe. That is why it is important to have trusted adults. (DP)


I learned about the passwords to have and how to keep my personal things safe. I know the ages of the apps and I will chat to my mum. (CDP)

Newsletter for parents with additional links on for Internet Safety.