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Working in teams

In maths we have been learning how to match and sort.  They have learnt to play a pairs game and worked as a team to play. They were able to match.  
“Look these are the same” Affan

“I got 2 matching” Sidney


In music the children were responding and appreciating some music.  We were listening to the Alton Towers theme tune.

it is quite scary when it goes loud. 
It makes me want to dance.
I love it.  

In English we have been learning about the Little Red Hen.  In learning time the children worked together to create this small world farm.  They then told different stories using the different animals.

’Look all the cows are in the field eating grass’ Arlo

’We need to make a pond for the ducks to swim.’ Adam

As part of Our Little Hen topic we made bread.  
we worked as a team to mix, stir knead and cook the bread.  
Whilst we were making it we were thinking about words to describe the different stages

Dough - Stretchy




When the bread was cooked it was yummy, delicious, scrumptious, tasty, yum.