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Year 1

We re capped our work on internet safety from last time. We talked about how we need to keep personal information private and the rules for staying safe online. We also talked about using technology safely. We looked at 1 Decision - online safety.


This session we talked about how there may be people online who could make someone feel sad, embarrassed or upset. We used the resources on project evolve. 


We answered questions such as - What do you like to do online? What do you not like to do online? What can you do if something makes you feel sad/embarrassed or upset online? Who can help you if someone upsets you online? When might someone ask an adult for help online?. We then looked at the story of Lily and Alex. Alex has been upset by someone online and his friend Lily gives him suggestions of what of what to do. We talked about the best thing to do is tell a trusted adult. The children then thought about who their trusted adults are.



April 2022