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Year 1

Wonderful Working Worms


Worm are incredible recycling engineers making soft soil for everything can grow. We looked at a power point all about worms. We then went to the forest area to search for some worms. We looked under logs and dug in the ground. We looked at how long our worms are, what colour they are and even the type of worm we found. We then came back to the classroom and looked at them through the magnifying glasses. We talked about becoming a soil scientist.

Andy came to talk to us about the impact of climate change. We talked about about the seasons and the types of weather within those season. As part of our workshop we had to answer the question 'How can what we wear save planet earth?. We talked about donating clothes and mending clothes so they don't go to land fill. We talked about keeping warm and wearing jumpers. We had to create a human sculpture of a jumper (keeping warm), sewing machine (mending clothes) and daffodils (charity). We answered the questions 'From which part of the body do you lose most heat? (head), how much do all the clothes throw away in the UK weigh? ( 50000 elephants) and how much do charity shops raise a year? (300 million).