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Year Four

Mini Medics - Thursday 18th January 2024

We have experience our first ever first aid session with our teacher Andrea.

First of all, we learnt that first aid means the first helper when an accident/emergency has happened. 
Andrea taught us about who we call when there is an emergency. We call 999 and then depending on our emergency, we can ask for ambulance, police, fire brigade, mountain rescue and also coastguard. 

We then went through what we should do if we see an emergency that we have to give first aid to. 





We then learnt that if our emergency if unconscious but breathing we need to put them in the recovery position. We all had a go at putting each other into the recovery position.


We learned:

"We should shout for help" - Aisha

"Don't move the injured person" - Ezekiel

"Don't put yourself in danger when you're trying to help them" - Holly

"Don't give the emergency anything to eat or drink just in case" - Aleena

"Head tilt, chin lift" - Zainab

"Your tongue could roll back into your mouth so you need to stop that from happening" - Thomas


We then learnt what to do if our emergency wasn’t breathing. 
We all had a go on the mannequin performing CPR. 


"5 breaths first for anyone 18 and under" - whole of year 4

"30 compressions after the breaths" - Aisha

"Then 2 breaths after 30 compressions" - Maryam

"To help you remember the rhythm of how quick to do the compressions, we sang Baby Shark" - whole of year 4

We then moved onto other first aids like burns, bumped heads and choking. 
To help if someone who is choking, we were shown how to give back blows and abdominal thrusts. We had a go at the mannequin to remove what he was “choking on”. 

We also learned:


"Wrap a burn in clingfilm" - Max

"Using something that can stick to the burn can make it worse" - Harry

"Hold the burn under a cold tap for 20 minutes" - Isobella


"You would feel dizzy and sick if you banged your head" - Franklin 

"Hold a cold compress on a bumped head for 10 minutes" - Marcus



We are Mini First Aiders!


Mini First Aid - Friday 10th March 2023


Today we had Andrea from Mini First Aid come in to teach us about emergency first aid. The session as very interactive and we all had a turn at performing the different procedures.


We covered lots of areas such as: burns, breaks and fractures, choking and dealing with unconscious patients both breathing and not breathing.


We all enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. We're all going to learn our addresses incase we need to give it to the first response over the phone. We were so proud of our certificates at the end. 


Here's what we can remember:


Child 1 "I know that if I burn myself, I need to put it under cool running water for at least 20 minutes."


Child 2 "I know what the recovery position is and I can put someone into it. I could even do an adult. I might practise at home."


Child 3 "If someone isn't breathing when you find them you need to do the recovery position. Then you can do your breathing. Start with 5 then it's 30 pushes and 2 breaths. I was good at that."


Child 4 "You can make a sling out of most things. I used my tie."