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Key Stage Two

Year 3

Isobella's Mum- Resuscitation Trainer

Resus Trainer. Taught CPR and DRABC (Danger, Response, Air-way, Breathing, Circulation) 

Marcus’ Dad- Ambulance Dispatch

Runs the Ambulance dispatch station, ensuring that ambulances are always ready to be sent out.

Year 4

Joe's Mum - Physiotherapist

Before we had any parents visit, we came up with some questions that we were curious to know about. We sent them to our parents to give them time to prepare. 


Joe's mum taught us all about the types of people she would usually work with each day. She brought in lots of equipment with her to show us. We even got to try some out. We learnt that no two days are the same and each patient needs specific care and exercises to suit them. 


A fascinating part was when she told us about the plastic that can change shape so that she can make splints for her patients. It is heated in hot water and wrapped on their wrist to fit perfectly. 


Some of us are considering being physiotherapists now. 

Mrs Cain - Transformation manager for NHS

We had never heard of this job before but we found it really interesting. 


We know now that being organised is a very important part of this job because you need to keep to deadlines. Being able to talk calmly to others is something important too. Mrs Cain had made us all a little pack so we could put our organisation skills to the test. 

Year 5

Poppy’s Auntie - Gardener

Poppy's Auntie - Gardener

Her job consisted of creating garden spaces for different people. Planting different plants/flowers/trees for people to enjoy. Her business is all eco-friendly as she uses tools that use petrol to help the environment.  She loved her job and it made people happy with having their own space to enjoy. She enjoys working outside and working with nature. She loves planting vegetables as well as flowers etc and says she loves the Daffodil flower as it shows that spring is coming.

Before Poppy’s Auntie arrived, examples of the questions we prepared for her were:

Why is gardening a good job?

What is the hardest plant to take care of?

Do you have a favourite plant?

Do you deal with all plants all the time or only sometimes?

Do you always work with flowers outside or do you do anything inside as well?


She was able to explain how she loved her job as she loves being outside and with nature. It is harder sometimes with the weather, but she loves her job as it gives her opportunity to create a space outside for people to enjoy. 
She explained how each plant has it’s own needs. Some like different soils to others, some need more space than others etc so each can be tricky. Rebecca said how she loves all plants and trees, but she explained how she liked daffodils as it shows change and that spring is coming. 
Rebecca explained that certain plants like Evergreen Trees are all year round and explained that in the winter time, she takes care of plants in the greenhouses. 
In her job, she deals with bouquets as well as flowers outside as it is nice to have a little bit of the outside in our home. She also makes wreaths at Christmas for her customers. 

Haleemah’s Cousin - Paediatric Nurse

Haleemah's Cousin - Paediatric Nurse

She looked after poorly children from hours old to around the age of 16. She deals with lots of different illnesses every day and helps children get better. Some days she can be looking after 3 or 4 children and then the next day she can be looking after 15 or 16 so every day is different in her job. Even though her job can be challenging, she loves her job as she loves working as a team in a hospital and she loves when her patients are well enough to go home to their families. 

Before Haleemah’s cousin arrived, examples of the questions we prepared for her were:

What is the most important part of your job?

What are the challenges in your job?

Why did you want to do this job?

Do you treat different types of illnesses? Which has been the worst one?

Who has been your youngest patient? 

Akita explained that she found the most important part of the job was being able to work as a team to help the patients get better. She stated that all departments work together in other for this patient to get better.

Akita talked about how there are lots of challenges each day as no day in the hospital is the same. Some days she can be looking after 4 children and then the next day she can be working with 25 children. She explained how it’s also hard to be able to make everyone better quickly and change everything - but she then stated why this was so important to work together with the patient and their family.

Akita explained how she loves helping people and making people feel better, she explained how long term patients who have a lifetime condition, she builds a lovely relationship with them and their family which makes the job so worthwhile. 
Akita talked about all the different illnesses she has treated; including COVID, Strep-A, Monkey Pox, Jaundice and different types of cancer. She talked about the different types of treatment these patients go through to get better. 
The youngest patient Akita has worked with was only 1 hour old and they became poorly just after they were born.


Isla’s Mum - Primary School Teacher

Isla's Mum - Primary School Teacher.

She is the Year 6 teacher at a primary school and she loves being the year 6 teacher. Her school has two year 6 classes so she works closely with the other teacher. Her subjects she is in charge of is English/Reading and also MFL (French) as well as her bring in charge of Juniors. She loves her job as she loves watching the children she teaches do well and learn new things. She has always wanted to be a teacher and played teachers when she was a child. 

Isla’s Dad - Mark Richardson - Assistant Manager of a Building Site

Isla's Dad - Assistant Manager of a building site for Taylor Wimpey Housing. 

He works on the building site everyday, making sure everything is being done safely and correctly and that everybody is doing their job. He said even though it can be long days, he loves his job as he has always wanted to be a joiner and be in the building trade. He has to wear a high-vis jacket and a hard hat everyday while he is at work so that he is clearly visible to everybody that may need him as well as being safe for himself. He likes to be the assistant manager as he helps the site manager and covers when he needs to. His company builds many different houses including terraced, bungalows, detached and semi-detached houses. 

Year 6

Today we welcomed Sami's Dad into class to talk about his job and career. 

We began by preparing questions for him to answer. 

We knew that Sami's Dad was a secondary school supply teacher. 


These included:

When did you come to work and live in England? 

Have you ever worked with celebreties or famous people? 

Have you always wanted to be a translator?

What do you plan to do in the future?


Sami's Dad talked about he translated classic books into Arabic and he showed us some of these. He also discussed his plans to create subtitles for films so that people who do not speak English could enjoy these too. The children contributed well talking about certain dialects and barriers to translation too. 

The follow - on work included looking at what jobs and careers we had learnt about, what jobs do the children feel suit them and why as well as what skills we need to develop. 



We took notes as he was talking to us so we knew what his work involved. 

Today we welcomed Lucy’s Mum, Debs. Debs is a Paramedic with more than 18 years service behind her.

She trained at Liverpool John Moores University and deals with a range of medical emergencies.   

Debs was originally a nurse who was inspired by her own Mum to work for the NHS. We discussed the most difficult parts of the job and the best parts about it. Debs also recapped basic first aid and how to deliver CPR.

Debs discussed how her job makes her feel extremely grateful for what she has in her personal life and to enjoy life while you are able to. 


Some questions we asked included:

Where does your inspiration come from?

How long did it take to train to be a Paramedic?

Do you feel pressure in your job?

What types of patients do you treat? 

Which months are your busiest?  

How did your work change during the pandemic? 

How do you 'switch off?'

Today we welcomed Casey’s Mum into class. Rebecca is a teacher and assessor of student at Cardinal Newman college who want to work within an early years setting.

rebecca told the child near about different routes into working in an early setting as well as the range of opportunities available when studying at college. 
The children tried to draw certain professions and courses within college and help the children think about their own furthers and career choices.