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Year Five

I can describe ways that technology can affect the health and well-being both positively and negatively

We discussed the uses for technology and many of us felt that technology was such a massive part of our lives. Tasks were made quicker when using technology too. However, we also recognise that we can be too attached to technology through our phones, TVs that access the internet for YouTube etc and using technology for other areas of our lives that it starts to become a negative way to spend our time. This can also have a detrimental impact upon our sleep and general health. 

Which websites are safe? How do you know?

Accessing unsuitable websites was the topic of discussion for this task. 

We talked about how we would know if a website was safe for pupils to use, we should look for pictures of safety like the locked padlock and the purpose of the website.


If we are not sure then we should not use!

I can explain how and why some apps and games maybe request or take payment for additional content. I can explain the importance of seeking permission from a trusted adult before purchasing.

We read a scenario. 
We decided what was incorrect about the events that happened then talked about what would have been better to keep everyone safe.