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Design and Technology

Design Technology Vision Statement


At Fulwood St. Peter’s we offer a challenging and engaging curriculum that is rigorously taught through the four areas of design development to motivate our pupils. Teachers devise sequential lessons allowing pupils to gain the practical skills needed to cover a variety of contexts. 


We reveal the careers and industries which link our knowledge and skills to the wider world allowing pupils to solve relevant problems from the real-life. Pupils are challenged to use their technical knowledge to practically create the visions of their imagination.  


The design stages of design incorporate choice and are undertaken independently and provide the opportunity to build emotional well-being and give every pupil the opportunity to achieve their full-potential.  


The evaluation stage of design is undertaken with the choice of independently or with peers in team learning so that the pupils have the chance to explore alternative perspectives and further develop in-depth technical knowledge through collaborative discussion and learning. 

Archived Examples of Implementation (2020-2021)



Adeline chose to make a house with furniture, cutting and joining materials using glue and sellotape.

Year 2- We chose what size box we would like to use to make our house.

Year 2- We have been making models of 1666 houses. We got to chose how we would like to design their timbers on our house.

Year 2- We have been designing a candle jar for Mother’s Day and deciding how we want to design our jar, keeping in mind what our Mother’s would like.

Year 2- We have been designing Punch or Judy hand puppets.

Year 4- We chose where to put our lever and pivot points on our moving Easter cards.


Year 2- We have designed and created a Tudor house.

Year 4- Demonstrating understanding of how to create a circuit within an LED card.


Reception- making penguins

Reception we’re learning about polar animals and created a penguin. They cut and joined using glue and also split pins to make parts move.

Year 1- We talked about healthy and unhealthy food and then put the food into categories.

Year 1- We made our own free standing bridges.

Year 1- We read the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'. We talked about the fruit what we could put in ours. We chopped up the fruit with a knife and enjoyed our salad.

Year 2- Examples of our design sheet.

Year 2- We have been using acetate to practice our designs before designing our candle jars.

Year 2 - For Mother’s Day, we have been designing our own candle jar.

Leading Teams

Year 2- We have been evaluating candle jars created by others.

Year 2- We have been learning about different types of puppets. We have been exploring different puppets.

Real Life

Reception-making gingerbread people

The children rolled dough then used cutters to make their own gingerbread people. They then chose to have a picnic together.

Year 1


We looked at photographs of bridges. We discussed the materials used and started to talk about how they are joined.

Year 1


We looked at a power point about where our food comes from. We then watched a farm to fork clip. After that we matched up the food with where it comes from.

Year 2- We have been busy making models of houses in London 1666.

Year 2- We have been exploring a range of candle jar designs. To help them with designing their own.

Year 2- We have been using our hand puppets to perform a puppet show. We hope you enjoy our show. VOLUME UP !

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