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Healthy Eating / Smoking / Physical Activity

We have been explaining about how changes have happened and what we have learnt. We have been busy making presentations for our younger children and then seeing what they can learn. We were the teachers, it was a bit scary, but fun as well. The children learned about how to be healthy, why exercise is good for us and why smoking is not good for use. (MA)


I enjoyed making the packed lunch code, but now there are not as many children having packed lunches, because everyone likes the school dinners and the choice. ((EF)


Here are some examples of some of the things we have been learning about and doing -We  hope you like it. (AW)


This was created by our School Council in October at our meeting. (School Council)

Healthy School Code of Conduct 2021

Our School Food Code of Conduct by School Council

Because we were learning about smoking and how that can make us poorly. Our teacher thought it would be a good idea to teach our younger classes. We researched and made our own power point and easy quiz for Year 2. It was a little bit scary as there was a lot of questions, but our teachers helped us by picking the children's names. The children enjoyed their learning and they clapped us. We then got some extra playtime. (FW)

Year 2 - We had a fun lesson with our big friends- they showed us some pictures and told us NOT TO SMOKE. Some of the pictures were scary, but our teachers helped our friends. I don't think I want to be poorly or have dirty teeth. (HA)


Year 2- I told my mummy not to smoke, because it was not nice and she said she would try not to. (FC)

Year 2 - My brother is a teenager - I told him about e-cigarettes and that they can make him poorly and that there is stuff that will make his lungs stick. (MY)


Our Powerpoints about Smoking that we shared with our Year 2 friends

I liked the big children coming into my class. We sat in groups and then had a quiz, my table won because we had the answers to the quiz (AS)

Healthy Living Quiz by Year 6 for our younger friends

Healthy Schools quiz about healthy eating, smoking and physical activity.

Physical Activity;

We have been very busy in Year 3 because we have been running the daily mile since September. I did not want to do this because I don't like running or sport, but now I love it, it makes my muscles sore and Mr Barr said this is good. (A)


I am now in the football team for school and I never knew I could do that. (O)


The best thing I think is racing our teachers, we are having alot of fun, getting healthy and it helps me think more. (S)


This is what we think of the Daily Mile in Year 3



Daily Mile by Year 3

Across school we have been able to take part in some sport at lunch time. coach Gunn has been teaching us different sports I have enjoyed the dodgeball and being able to try out tennis and different sports. I feel happier now I have joined the club because we have fun. (LE)


I have been in the school football and wrote the report. I then read out the report in assembly and this made me feel really good, everyone clapped. I hope we can win. (L)


Learning about how sport can help everyone is really interesting, it was fun to take part in the road to Tokyo and learn about para olympians. (ZM)


We hope that you can see what we have learned and the fun we have had. (School Council)



School extra - curricular sport and sporting teams