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Virtual Reality

Year 4 - The Rainforest

For our Virtual Reality lesson, we took flight over the Amazon Rainforest, looking at the top of the trees and also over the Amazon River. 
We then explored the different layers of the rainforest. We saw tarantulas and ants on the forest floor. We saw jaguars prowling along the forest floor. We saw sloths and monkeys in the canopy layer of the forest as well. We were also able to see what has happened to some of the forest because of deforestation. 
Explore our pictures below. 

We then completed work after our lesson to see what we could remember and what we enjoyed about it. We also thought about if we would like to visit the Amazon Rainforest or not and why.

Year 5 World War Two

Year 5 were able to explore and experience photos from The London Blitz. They could see how the buildings were damaged and learnt why Hitler decide to bomb capital cities to destroy vital infrastructure. They also ventured into a V2 rocket factory and could see German mechanics and engineers at work. After this they experienced a fighter plane in flight. It was very scary looking down to the ocean below. They identified items in the cabinet war room and saw different coloured phones for communicating and scrambling messages and the giant maps which covered the wall with deployment plans for planes and ships. 

They also became part of the D-Day landings and could see the barriers which were out in place to stop armies disembarking on the beach. 

“I learnt that missiles were built” Pupil 1 


“I know there are three types of planes; fighters, bombers and transporters” Pupil 2


”Underground rooms were used for meetings and they were secret” Pupil 3

Year 6

Today we took part in a virtual reality lesson based on The Vikings. We learnt about different aspects of Viking Life and then used the headsets to bring that part of our learning to life!  For example, the headsets showed us a Viking settlement and what life may have been like on the longboats. The headsets create a picture of what it may have looked like during different times of this time period. We also discussed the importance of the blacksmith and took a look inside his workshop. During our discussions we looked at the role women and children had in society. 


Here are some pictures from the lesson.