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Year Five

Thursday 18th January 2024 


Today we had Andrea visit us again from Mini Medics. 
The first task we had was to review our knowledge from last year to see how much we could remember. 

Recovery Position

We learnt to look for danger first so that we don’t put ourselves into harm. Last year we struggled to remember the order for putting someone into the recovery position so we created a little funny phrase to remind us: Hello, knees up, cheeky, over to me, Chinny chin chin. 


“To remember the speed we sang baby shark to keep our compressions in time” Pupil 1. 

“You start with 5 breaths and then 30 compressions. After that you do 2 breaths each time. Keep going until help arrives - don’t stop.” Pupil 2


“Hit them on the back 5 times” pupil 1 

“Hit them between the shoulders” pupil 2 

“Make a sausage with your thumb and fist and place it above their belly button. Scoop up quick and hopefully what they are choking on will come out” pupil 3 

“They are called abdominal thrusts” pupil 4



Putting our knowledge into theory

We all passed!

Friday 10th March - Mini Medics 2023

Our first aides, Andrea, started by asking us if we knew what emergency services where out there that helped in different times of need. We remembered the police, the ambulance, the fire service and were reminded about services like mountain rescue and coast guards for emergencies that happen in other places. Andrea reminded us that is important to give a lot of detail if we ever need to ring for help. Things like street names, key landmarks, area where you are will help them find you. She reminded us to make sure we learn our own address and postcode in case an emergency happens at home.
We then began our first aid. To start our basic first aid, we were shown what to do if we saw someone that looked like an emergency. We went through things that we should and shouldn’t do. For example, we should call for help but we shouldn’t give the casualty anything to eat. After that, we then went through what we would have to do to help the emergency. We had to remember DR ABC.

D - Danger - check that nothing could be dangerous to you or the emergency 

R - Response - is the casualty responding to you?

A - Airways - open up the casualties airways by doing the head tilt chin lift

B - Breathing - look at the casualties chest to see if they are breathing? Can you feel their breath from their mouth? If they are breathing = recovery position, if they are not = CPR

C - Circulation - check circulation to see if the casualty needs CPR and if there is any bleeding. 

After looking at what to do if we see an emergency and how we approach them, we then looked in more detail at the recovery position. We had a goat doing this on each other.  

If our casualty is unconscious and not breathing, that’s when we would have to perform CPR. We all used the dolls to perform CPR. It was hard to keep going at the correct pace!

We then looked at what happens if we burn ourselves. We discussed things that we should not do if someone burns themselves and what the correct procedure is.

Another emergency we looked at is if someone is choking. We were shown how to perform back blows to try and dislodge anything that may be causing that person to choke. If this doesn’t work, we would have to perform abdominal thrusts. We were shown the correct position we had to have our hands in in order for this to work. We have a go on the doll to practise our abdominal thrusts. 

We finished off by looking at what we should do if someone has fractured or injured their arm or leg and are unable to move. We had a go at creating our own sling using our own clothing and how to put clothing around the leg to keep it secure (like a leg brace). We were also shown that even just going back-to-back with the casualty and allowing them to lean on you is doing first aid. This allows the emergency to become a little more comfortable while you would be waiting for an ambulance. 

We all became Mini Medics and were awarded our certificates :-)