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Year Two

In Year 2 have been learning about the King's coronation. We looked at the word 'coronation' and what the word mean. Corona = meaning crown and Tion = meaning 'to do.' 


We took part in 3 Coronation club lessons looking at the history of history of Westminster Abbey, the history of The Tower of London and also the Coronation Regalia. 

After this, we looked at the life of King Charles and his life prior to being king. We created a timeline including the significant events of King Charles life. 

Picture News

'We play games at birthday parties.'  - Abby 

'We decorate our house when we are celebrating a festival.' - Vashivik 

'We go out to eat at a restaurant.' - Emily 

'By dressing up.' - Lily 


'This weeks protected characteristic is 'Religion and Belief' because the coronation is a British event and no matter your religion or belief, King Charles has invited everyone to join in with the celebration.' - Pippa 


'The British Value this week is Mutual Respect, because the King is showing respect by inviting people to the coronation.' - Thomas 


Our King

We sang a special song for our King.