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Year 4

Making good choices - We decided to repurpose some bottles to create our own herb garden.

We used drama techniques to explore the positive impact of better choices when buying food products and deciding where to shop.

Poppy said, “When you make good food choices you can keep the world safe. So think carefully about how often you eat meat and maybe choose vegetables more. This will make sure other people can get the meat. It will make sure there are more plants in the world.”

We used drama techniques to explore the negative impacts of poor food shopping choices. We talked about more aeroplanes in the sky bringing foods from abroad. We discussed local greengrocers closing due to communities choosing to shop at big super stores. We talked about farmers losing their farms because the big superstores buy from farms abroad not from local farms.

Yassin said, “I have learned that there are a lot of negative impacts that I didn’t know about. We need to think about our choices for example whether we should eat avocados every day or once a week. Avocados are not grown in this country so they need we need aeroplanes to bring them from other countries this creates pollution. Did you know that it takes 70 litres to grow until it’s ripe?”. 

We participated in a workshop to discuss the choices we make about food, what we eat and where we buy our food.

We watched a video about climate change and we thought about some of the positive effects of climate change and what we might enjoy about some of the changes of weather.

We explored solar power to understand how the solar panels on the roof function. We had to retrieve our knowledge about electricity from the autumn term.

We played the Masked Scientist and found out about lots of new scientists. We reflected on what we had learnt.