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Liverpool World Museum - Ancient Greeks

We had a great day learning about how artefacts are used to find out about the daily lives of past people. 

We pieced together a broken statue and a broken plate. These gave us information about a goddess of fighting and a Greek myth. We learnt about the Greek and Roman empires being so strong and the impact that had on our world today. 

Abel - “I know that the Ancient Greeks really liked having swords. They had lots of different types for different jobs.” 

James - “I know that Greek shields were round. The ones Romans had were tall and long.”


Thomas - “I know that the children had wooden and stone toys. The wooden ones didn’t last but the stone ones we can see here. They had animal toys like we do.” 

Liverpool World Museum - preassessment for Y5

We used a visit to Liverpool World Museum as an opportunity to gather some information for our future learning in Year 5. We learnt some daily rituals, symbols, where the ancient Egyptians lived and the name of an instrument. We’ve made some notes and will revisit this when we begin our Ancient Egypt topic.