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Year 4

First we watched the BBC Live Lesson all about Invertebrates, Life Cycles and Metamorphosis.


We worked through the 3 challenges together as a class as discussed how this live lesson will help us ahead of our year 5 unit in science next year.

We then took part in our year 4 British Science Week activity - Active Adaptations.

We then discussed some of the adaptations we already know about for different mammals. 

“A whale has adapted to live underwater because it has a tail and a fin” - Hafsah

”A polar bear has white fur so you cannot see it very well where it lives around snow all the time” - Ezekiel


After our discussion, we then had to adapt our own butterfly to its surrounding which is this case was our classroom. 
We had to camouflage it the best we could to show how it was adapting itself.