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Potato Diary

23rd February 2018

Today we chitted our potatoes.  We had two types of potato; Rocket potatoes and Athlete potatoes.  We put them in the chitting tray.  We made sure the shoots were facing up.  We are going to leave them for two weeks.  Around the 6th of March we will plant the potatoes.  We are going to donate some potatoes to Nursery and Reception to grow.


6th March 2018

It is too cold outside to plant our potatoes.  The frost would kill them so we are waiting until the weather is a little warmer.  We may plant them indoors until the weather is better and then transfer them to the allotments.


9th April 2018

It is now warm enough to plant our potatoes outside.  We will need to feed and water them regularly to make sure that they grow.  We will need to remove the weeds.


18th May 2018

We had to weed our potatoes today.  There were so many that it took a lot of people.