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school council

We have been busy we have helped to change the school dinners and together we wrote to code of conduct for packed lunches. (SS)


We have had lots of meetings to make rules and statements that we can use to keep us safe. (BB)


We had lots of meetings to make sure we understood how to stay safe online. We have written a child friendly policy to help us keep safe. (OW)


We discussed what it was like to have friends and others being cruel and unkind to us online or in person.

My older friends said this was peer abuse. we have in groups designed a poster and words to help us understand. HJ


We created a peer on peer abuse policy for our friends. We had lots of meetings and I asked for the pants name to be changed to a poster because I think our little friends will understand that more. (LS)


I am very pleased to be able to share these with our friends.


We hope you find our work useful (school council)

Online Safety Statement for children

Peer on Peer Abuse Child Friendly