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Reception Road Safety



  • Think – is this the safest place to cross the road?  
  • Stop - with their feet back from the kerb, which gives them time to Look and Listen.
  • Look - for any vehicles that might be coming on the road – remember, children of this age are unable to judge speed and distance.
  • Listen - for vehicles.  They may hear something before they can see it – remind them though, that electric cars make very little noise.
  • Think again – have they followed the rules, and will they keep Looking and Listening the whole time they are crossing the road?

They have also been reminded to play in a safe place away from traffic and to wear or carry something bright so they can be seen at the roadside by other road users.



What the children said

A pavement is where people stand. Kiki

A road is where cars go. Hodaya

The kerb is the edge of the pavement.  Emily
You stand there when you want to cross the road with Mummy. Ethan

You need to hold hand to make you safe. Lucy

Cars can hurt you if you are silly. Affan

I have a brother so I hold on to his pram. Christie