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Learning through Nature

All classes typically have half a day a week of Learning through Nature activities with Mrs Parkinson who is a teacher with additional training in this area. 

The national curriculum subjects that we teach and personal development are enriched during Learning through Nature activities as shown in the documents below.



Outdoor Learning Curriculum


Our outdoor learning curriculum aims to develop a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world and encourage children to explore and be curious about nature. Children develop their confidence by working both in teams and independently. The aim of Learning through Nature is to develop a love of being active in an outdoor environment and deepen children’s understanding of the different subjects they study, creating knowledge that is flexible and durable. Children are given the opportunity for contextual learning to ensure understanding and create meaning for their learning. Our children are exposed to real life experiences which allow them to choose how to carry out different tasks and develop skills such as perseverance, effective communication and confidence in their own abilities.