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Year Six

Tuesday 12th September

Self-Image and Identity – Internet safety

KI - To know how to identify and describe ways in which media can shape ideas about gender and explain why it is important to reject inappropriate messages about gender online.


As part of our computing the half term we have looked at internet safety, specifically the knowledge intention above. We also asked the questions below and discussed them as a class and recorded this in our computing book. 

The children were then tasked with creating an advert for a 'Robot Puppy' designed for a specific audience. The children then presented their work to the class and explained why they have chosen specific colours, pictures or slogans. We then discussed how gender stereotypes can be unhelpful and they can persuade us to do or buy something. Please see our designs below. 


What is a stereotype?

How can stereotypes be helpful?  How can they be unhelpful?

How are these reinforced online? (Why?)

How are they broken or challenged online?

Why might someone challenge stereotypes online?

Do you think there is enough choice online which isn’t driven by stereotypes? E.g. in emojis, game avatars, app/game design etc 

What should change online to make games/apps etc more inclusive?