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Healthy Schools Year 5 NSPCC workshop and relationships

Here are our thoughts from the workshop.


We were talking about the worries that other children have and how they can be solved. These worries may even be worries that our friends have. By calling Child Line they can be solved, because they help. You can also talk to a trusted adult, this could be you parent, teacher, your cub leader. (just not a stranger). We also talked about types of bullying like cyber -this is where people say nasty things about you on the internet. Physical bullying which hurts you on the outside and verbal bullying this can hurt you on the inside. We talked about secrets. When its a good idea to keep a secret (when its a birthday surprise) or when its not a good idea (like if you stole something.)


First we went to assembly then we talked about neglect - when you don't have the best clothes or food, so your parents might not be caring for you, unless they just don't have any money. The next thing was cyber bullying, Anne asked the class for their opinions, we had a great discussion and listened to lots of different opinions. We finally made a chatter box after a while we did discuss where we feel safe, who makes us safe and what makes us safe. We had a great morning.


Today some visitors from the NSPCC came to talk to us about the rights of a child. Did you know that children do have the right to stay safe and speak out? They showed us their mascot, who was called Buddy. Buddy is a speech bubble . It shows us that children have the right to speak. After the assembly they did a workshop with year 5 and 6. They explained the problems that children face more in depth. They showed a video about this boy called Guy, he was neglected, and when he heard about the child Line number he rang

0800 11 11. They gave him lots of help and in the end he had friends and food to eat. Guy was happy.

Here the pictures of our workshop and the thoughts of Year 5.

After our visit from the NSPCC we had a follow on lesson about Keeping safe online as well as keeping our selves safe. We spent the day with our PSHE teacher and we did lots of different activities and held lots of discussions. (RW)


We started our session today be talking about what we had remembered from the NSPCC visit as well as placing current knowledge and concerns about our use of online apps. My parents don't let me use some apps and I feel left out when my friends are using these apps. Today I learnt that my parents are right and that they are trying to protect me. (OK)




Some photographs of our first activity.

After this we talked and discussed the ages and why we thought the ages were important. We then discussed what information we should give online. As a class we knew that we should be careful about our name and address age, but some of my friends thought that it was fine to share photos. Our teacher questioned what sorts of photos should be shared. We talked for a while and my group decided that pictures such as, awards evenings, sporting photographs would be okay to share. (HA)


In my group we had a great discussion about photos that are shared on line. One of my friends said they sometimes felt funny when their parent shared their photo of them when they went out for a meal. Our teacher questioned our group as which other images may not make us feel comfortable. (ES)


We then watched a video clip from the NSPCC about images that some children had shared. Alex had shown is 'his willy' and his friend had shared it with others. My group didn't think that Alex had a good friend, but it also made the point that this image was not the right image and that Alex was worried that everyone would laugh at him. (ZM)


Our teacher asked our class to think about the word 'sexting' and what this meant. We talked in groups and then came up with our answers. Some of our class had remembered that when we had our NSPCC visit Anne had mentioned this and so we looked back at the slides to remind ourselves.



Here are some photographs of our completed work and new understanding.

Before our day ended we had one final activity and was to set up a family agreement. This was so that parents understood about the apps that we wanted to use and the potential dangers. (LA)


We also had to take our workbooks home and share them with our families. I have included a picture of my agreement. (RP)

Here is my agreement for myself and family.