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Year 5

Watching a BBC live lesson

We watched a BBC live lesson about invertebrates. 


We learnt about metamorphosis and that it can be complete or incomplete. 


Smashing Stereotypes

Our class chose these scientists to research because they work in areas of science which interest us. We watched a short video about each one and then split into two teams to read an interview with each of them. We read through and annotated what we read, making notes ready for our presentation. Each group presented their research. 

Our amazing brains

“I didn’t realise that messages were lots of little connections in our brains. It’s really amazing because it isn’t that big.” Pupil 1

Still image for this video

Metamorphosis mayhem

“This was fun. It helped me to remember the stages of a frog life cycle.” Pupil 1



Life of a vet with NFU - cows

We followed a vet who taught us lots of interesting information about cows. They told us that their hearts were just under their elbow and they have four stomachs. Sometimes they spit up their food so they can chew it again. 

Make your own pendulum

We made our own pendulum out of a bottle. 


We investigated how long it would take to stop swinging. Each time we changed the length of the string.