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Healthy Schools Matt Lee Olympic Athlete Visit

Today we are carried out out sponsorship activities. In October we were shown a video of our athlete training and given sponsor forms. We had to get people to sponsor us to carry out a circuit. BUT it was very important that we only asked our families and not strangers. (Yr3)


Today we had a visit from Matt Lee he is a sporting champion and he wants one day to be an Olympic athlete. Matt took an assembly at the start of the afternoon and spoke to everyone about his fitness and training. He has to get up every morning very early and go to the gym for two and a half hours. That is a very long time. He then goes home and eats, his favourite healthy food is porridge with a little bit of honey. He talked to us about being young and that he used to swim a lot to keep himself fit. When he started to grow tall he decided to get involved in track and field sports. He has had a lot of injuries and at times he said he wanted to give up, but then the thought of being an Olympic athlete makes him strong to go on. 

After the assembly some of our Year 5 children stayed to help Matt set up some circuit training. Matt had put together a circuit that he uses in the gym for us. We had to do sit ups, press ups, squats and step ups and we did two minutes on each circuit. It was very hard and tiring! Some of our teachers also joined in.  (Yr4)


What a great day, I have been training with an Olympic athlete. His name was Matt Lee he takes part in 10 track and field events and sometimes he gets injured and then he needs to rest. (Yr 2).


Have a good look at our photographs of our fun day. Some of our teachers took part. After we had given Matt his sponsorship money, school also made £253.80, we thought this was fabulous and our School Council will be meeting to decide how best to spend the money, for all of our children. (Yr 6)


Thank you to all our mummies and daddies who helped us to get some money. (Yr1).


It was lovely to see the whole school taking part in an event and being inspired to continue to follow their dreams. Matt did leave children with a positive note about keeping fit and healthy. Thank you to all of you who sponsored our children and school have received £253.80 for taking part. Our School Council will meet and will decide what they would like to spend the money on. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs.