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Healthy Schools PSHE Smoking

After completing a questionnaire about the effects of alcohol and smoking on our bodies we then had some lessons and visitors in school to help us to understand the dangers of these drugs. (SB)

As part of healthy schools and PSHE we have been learning about the effects of smoking on our bodies.  We have had a visit from Sian from Heart beat and also the Life Education Bus. We have been learning about the effects of  smoking and alcohol on our bodies and how it can damage our internal organs. Our power point shows lots of nasty side effects. We don't think that anyone should smoke especially when they have seen our power point and the effects of smoking. There are lots of harmful ingredients in cigarettes and also they really make your clothes and breath smell!.  By Dayna



Our research and power point based on smoking.

We have spent a lot of time learning about keeping healthy. One of our topics has been about smoking and how that can seriously harm our lives. I have a parent at home that smokes and this has concerned me, so I have spoken to my parent about the dangers and shared some of the activities on the website that we have looked at. I have shown them my research and they are going to try and stop. I feel proud. (AR)


After lots of research and teaching we have been putting together presentations based on our learning. We have chosen to prepare a power point and  then share it with our class and other classes in school. We shared this one in our achievement assembly. We hope you learn something new? (LS- MD)

This is our power point based on smoking

We have spent several afternoons preparing games about the dangers to our health about smoking. We have shared these with our friends in other year groups. We have had to think of an interesting way to make the games fun, but get the important facts across. (Elspie)


Here are some of our games that we have made with all the facts and dangers about smoking on them. I have shared my game with my uncle and grandma as they both smoke. They are promising to  try and stop because they don't want cancer or heart disease. ( DC).

Here are the photographs of our games being designed.

After we had made our board games we then got to play them and challenge our friends to check on their knowledge. Here are some of our games we hop you like (Arissa).

This is our game being played by our friends.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In our class we looked at the effect alcohol has on our bodies. We had a visit from Sian from heartbeat and she explained that alcohol was a dangerous substance and that we need to take care. Our class continued to research and learn about the effects of too much alcohol. It can damage your internal organs, it can make you feel as though you and your body are not connected. I will be moving to high school soon and I know that peer pressure is a big, but I also now know that it is right to say no and that doesn't make me a bad person, it just means i'm an individual. My body is important and I need to look after it. (JN) 


We have a power point by one of our friends about alcohol for you. 

The effects of alcohol

Today we have been researching the damage smoking can do to our health. We have also created our own ways of recording this information and then shared it with our friends. (BG)

These are some examples of our work.