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Year 2

Year 2 Online Safety Top Tips Music Video

To start our Internet Safety work, we had a discussion about 'What is the internet?' 

- "It works on connection." Isaac 

- "What your phone and laptop can't live without." Mya W

- "Internet is something you play games on." Ameerah 

-  "What your phone and laptop connects to." Holly 

- "You can look things up on." Evie 

- "We can't live without it." Yahya 

We then discussed the many things we can do online; here are a few suggestions... 

- "You can video call family and friends that you have not seen for a while." Holly

- "You can watch TV shows or movies." Isaac

- "You can listen to music online." Marcus 

- "You can use the internet to find out new things." Evie 

- "You can play games." Yahya 

We then learnt about self-image and identity and how other people may look online and why they might choose different pictures online to what they actually look like in real life. We also discussed about how we should behave online. 


We also learnt about what is an avatar and what it can be used for. 

We then created our own avatar making sure it looked similar to us. We then had to guess who's who and try and match each of our friend to their avatar. 

At the end of our Online Safety lesson we played a Kahoot quiz based on everything we had learnt.