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‘Before going on our school trip, we researched all about Preston North End.’ - Isaac 


‘During our research we looked researched about the history of PNE, Sir Tom Finney and Dick, Kerr Ladies.’ - Ameerah 

Wednesday 25th May 2022


Year 2's educational trip to Preston North End!

Year 2 visited Preston North End to help deepen their knowledge about the history of the football club and Dick, Kerr ladies. 

'We began our tour looking at the splash statue.' - Isobella

'In 2004, PNE revealed a special statue.' - Isaac


'In the middle of the statue, you can see Sir Tom Finney.' - Maryam 


'Sir Tom Finney is PNE's most famous player.' - Max 


'It was named The Splash Statue, because when Tom Finney played against Chelsea in 1956, they played in particularly wet conditions.' - Zainab 




We also learnt about the history of the Dick, Kerr Ladies Football Club. 

'The ladies football club was formed during the First World War.' - Isla 


'The Dick, Kerr ladies use to work in a factory before making bullets for the war.' Hannah


'Dick, Kerr ladies decided to form a football team to help raise money for the wounded soldiers being cared for at Moor Park Military Hospital.' - Ezekiel 


'They played their first match on Christmas Day.' - Zainab 


'They were the First Ladies football team in Preston.' Aisha 


'In 1920 they played their First Ladies international game against France.' Marcus 


We also had a look at PNE's trophy cabinet. 

'We then looked at how Preston North End football kit changed throughout the years.' - Thomas 


We have been learning all about maps and compasses. We have been looking at the what the keys on the maps represent. We then looked at an aerial view of our school and we used this to create a sketch map. 


We have been using positional language and compass directions to plan a route from our school to Levensgarth Park.