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Computing Vision Statement


At Fulwood St Peters CE Primary School we want to keep every single child safe online.  We equip the children with the knowledge and skills to make them aware of what is right and wrong online.  We provide them with confidence to report anything they see that worries them whether that is an adult in school, their parents or an adult they trust.


We recognise that as a school we have a responsibility to prepare the pupils for their future by improving their knowledge of and understanding of how imperative technology is as an aid to learning and the real world beyond school.  We feel it is essential to give pupils real life experiences in the tasks they are given.  For example making a spread sheet for snack shack and using formulas to find out takings and outgoings etc.


From Nursery to the end of KS2 we build the children’s independence by providing technology throughout the whole curriculum.  It is important for them to see how the skills in computing can be used in English, Maths and other areas.  As they become more confident they will be able to make informed choices about the software they use or the research they do.


The curriculum focuses on progression of knowledge and skills in digital literacy, computer science, information technology and online safety to ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology. These strands are revisited repeatedly through a range of themes during children’s time in school to ensure the learning is deeply embedded and skills and vocabulary are successfully developed.


In Yr 6 computing, the children have been learning how to code their own “choose your own adventure” game. They have had to decide on a wide variety of features for their games; including the designs of their characters, and what actions a player would need to make in order to progress. 

Y4 Choosing how our presentation looks


Year 1


Year 1 talked about technology and what is means. We then went on a technology hunt. We then independently sorted what was technology and what wasn't.

Year 6 

year 6 have been formatting cells on a spreadsheet. They worked in teams to collect data before independently inputting this into a spreadsheet then formatting cells with an appropriate unit of measure making the data easy to read. 



We have been learning how to use a mouse, log on, change colour and save our work. 

The children set instructions for the Beebot to go forward, backward, left or right in order to go from one destination to the next on the farm.

Leading Teams

Year 3- Computer Network Components

The children have been working in teams to investigate the different components of a computer network and the role of each component.

Real Life