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Healthy Schools Year FOUR visit to Broughton High School Cooking

This week we started our walks to Broughton High School for food technology lessons. It was a long walk!

When we arrived we were greeted by Mrs. Newton and her team. We were split into colour teams and had a Year 8 pupil to help us with our task. We first investigated all the germs that our hands carry and why it is so important to wash our hands properly. (TW)


This was our first week and after seeing all the bugs that we had on our hands under ultra-violet lights, we then looked at making coleslaw and couscous salad. We used vegetables and fruits and we went in the herb garden to choose fresh herbs to put in our salads. I got to try chives, they looked like string, but when you smell them they are like onions. I used scissors and chopped the herbs and the carefully mixed them into my couscous. When I got home I shared my pot of couscous with my family. It was so good that we went to ASDA and got some couscous and peppers and then made it again with my mum for my packed lunch. (JC)


Today I learnt about vegetables and some of them you can eat raw. I used red cabbage and white cabbage, with the help of the Year 8 children we grated the cabbage and then added some carrot. You could add onions and peppers too if you wanted, but I don't like them. We then mixed it with mayonnaise, but this was a healthy mayonnaise Mrs. Newton said and that was because it was extra light. This means that it does not have as much fat in it. I made an extra pot and took it to school for my teacher to eat. (RR)

We have learning how we could use oats and yoghurt and make a special breakfast pot. Today we looked at fruit that was grown in the summer and tasted oranges, strawberries, blueberries and raisins. We then had to measure out 4 tablespoons of oats and mix it with 4 tablespoons of low fat yoghurt. The yoghurt was white and didn't have any bits in it. Then we choose one or two fruits that we would like to sprinkle on top. I choose strawberries and oranges. We mixed our ingredients together and then put the lid on whilst we made our couscous. Mrs. Newton asked us to think about and predict what would happen to our pots. I really didn't know, but I was excited to find out. She also suggested that we saved one of our pots and had it the following morning. I did and I was amazed that the fruit had changed the colour of the yoghurt and the oats had grown. It tasted really nice and now we make these at home while my mum makes tea. (ES)



Week One - our breakfast oats and couscous salad.