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Year 4

Play an instrument for a sustained period of time. 

Within our first lesson, we ensured that our reed was placed correctly so that we were able to play our clarinet correctly.

Preparing our clarinet

At the start of our clarinet lessons, we just used the mouth piece of the clarinet. This was so we could get used to the positioning of the clarinet in our mouth and how much force we needed to blow through the instrument. Our music teacher, Mrs Maddox, helps us a lot with this. 
We learnt that if our noise went squeaky, we had to put more of our clarinet into our mouth. We learnt that if we aren’t making any sound we may not be blowing hard enough or air might be escaping from the side of our mouths. 

Lesson 1 - First practise

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At the beginning of lesson 2, we practised the pulse again by passing round the teddy. We did this in our very first lesson but showed we had already improved within a week as we showed great timing when practising the pulse within lesson 2. 

Lesson 2 - Pulse

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We then constructed our clarinets fully and stood up to get a feel of the correct position in which we hold our clarinet when playing. 

In lesson 3, we worked on crotchets, minims and semibreves. We did this by clapping how many beats they were (and shushing for 4 counts for the semibreve). 
A lot of us remembered the correct names of these from year 3. 

Lesson 3 - Crochet, minim, semibreave

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We then had a go at reading some music Mrs Maddox wrote down on the board and clapping out these together. We recognised that one of them was jingle bells. 
After this, we then practised playing the note E. 

For lesson 4, we recapped everything from our previous session. We refreshed our memory of how to play our note E and then also introduced note F. We noticed how these were very similar as it only involved raising our index finger off the top hole and keeping our thumb on the back hole.

For lesson 4 and 5 we also worked as teams to create our own music to clap out. We worked by placing them in a bar and the whole group clapped this out. We then worked as a class to put all our separate pieces into one.